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Build A Team

Home1Boston lets you find and connect with service providers in the Boston area and decide who you want on your team.

Manage Your Information

You can gather all the information and documents you'll need in your secure Home1Boston Vault Account and share with your Team Members when you're ready.

Save Money

Home1Boston has tools and resources that give you unbiased personalized digital guidance and expertise to help you spend and invest your money wisely on your new home.

How to Use Home1boston - it's easy!

  • 1. Create your Home1boston Vault account. You can start wherever you are in the home buying process with just a valid Email address.

  • 2. Set up your Vault information. All you’ll need is some basic profile information – like your name, and address – to get started. As you have time, you can fill in additional information like your home preferences and your financial profile.

  • 3. Get personalized guidance from Home1boston tools that can help you determine what you can afford and find out if you are qualified for one of many programs available in the Boston area that make home buying easier and more affordable.

  • 4. Build your Team. You can easily invite advisors, real estate agents, lenders and even friends and family to join your home buying team and the selected information and reports you choose.

  • 5. Get a mortgage and buy your home. Your Team Members can review your information and provide guidance as you need it. When you’re ready, they can upload the documents you need to review and sign as you move forward with the purchase of your new home.